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For Authors

Susan M. Toy -
Author Impresario

Helping Writers Make Wise Decisions

Offering contract consulting services to writers at all stages of their careers:

·         Analysis of projects and manuscripts for market potential

·         Assistance with correct formatting of manuscripts

·         Advice on writing query letters

·         Suggestions on where to submit work and whether to choose traditional, self- or e-publishing

·         Assistance with developing a platform

·         Development of promotion, publicity, and marketing campaigns

·         Advice on website and blog development and the effective use of social media networking, organization of virtual blog tours

·         Promotion through non-traditional venues and events beyond what may be organized by a publisher, including all books still in print                  regardless of when they were first published

·         Continuing support, a sympathetic ear, an enthusiastic cheerleader and, when necessary, a shoulder to cry on

If it wasn’t for Susan Toy, I’d probably trust the prevailing winds to seed my book, and hope it would pop up like dandelions. Susan’s methods, however, are not haphazard. For the months leading up to the release of Mennonites Don’t Dance, I received almost daily “to do” assignments. Everything from specific blogging, and promoting on www.bookclubbuddy.com, to recommending authors who might be (and were) willing to provide quotes for my book’s back cover.

She introduced me to other writers and people in the book world, arranged tour venues and compiled a list of likely reviewers. Susan also loves to talk, and she has spoken of Mennonites Don’t Dance to everyone in her circle, which is always growing. She is the best friend my book will ever have. ~ Darcie Friesen Hossack, author of Menonnites Don’t Dance


I met Susan Toy a little over three years ago, at a reading at Pages on Kensington. I’ve published with two presses, both “small” by industry definitions, and had fine experiences with both. But resources for promoting books are limited, and the season of a book is short.

Susan’s enthusiasm and energy, her commitment to promoting not just new books, but authors and their total body of work was precisely what I needed. How many writers have the time or the confidence to shout about their work and hustle up reading gigs? We wait to be invited. Susan doesn’t wait.

She has a clear view of what is needed, and what authors and publishers can cover. In the years I’ve known her, she has promoted my work, and found at least a dozen interesting gigs for me to consider.

I have a new book coming out in the spring, and I know that long before the print is dry, Susan Toy will have covered every possibility for promotion.  She’s a tireless enthusiast.  One of the best friends a writer, or a publishing house could hope to find for their books. ~ Betty Jane Hegerat, author of Delivery