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For Publishers

Alberta Books Canada came into being on Nov. 1, 2009, as I had left my position as an agency rep for publishers in order to explore new ideas I’d formed to more effectively promote and sell books. 

I set up the business with the intention of only promoting Alberta books, authors and publishers, because when I was a sales rep, the first thing my customers asked was, “What’s local, and who is promoting?” I would make up a local list to circulate at the beginning of each season, and I always knew my sales would be higher for these books because I paid attention to them and made sure people who were making decisions on stocking, acquiring and selling knew about them.

ABC primarily displays Alberta-authored and published books at library conferences held throughout the province. Publishers (and sometimes authors) pay a per-book fee (currently $25 to $50) to have their books placed on the table. I create an informational handout for all conference attendees to take away so they may order books for their libraries. I sometimes also speak about Alberta authors and books at these conferences.